Frequently Asked Questions...  
Q: Why did Gerald's use two names, Masters and Watkiss?
A: Watkiss was his birth surname, but he decided around 1979 that he needed a more memorable stage name.  It came from the tapes they were using in the studio, labelled as Gerald - "Masters" - The rest as they say is history!
Q: There was a silence of 23 years between 1983 and 2006, where no material was released.  Why was this?
A: Gerald was tiring of being the "artist."  Despite having written material  for a 5th album around 1984, he decided to shift his focus to being a producer and songwriter.  Consequently there are a huge number of unreleased Gerald tracks from this time period we are looking to release.
Q: Are there any CDs available with Gerald's songs on?
A: There are no official releases at this time.  However, if you are desperate for CD copies of existing "download only" compilations please get in touch.
Q: What about Gerald's classical compositions and piano pieces.  Are they available anywhere?
A: We are still in the process of cataloguing all of these works.  We hope to have some available through this website at a later date.  If there is something specific you'd like, please let us know.  Similarly if you own some of Gerald's music, let us know as we might not have it!
Q: I'd like to cover one of Gerald's songs, how do I go about that?
A: Simple.  Get in touch with us, we want to help you in any way we can!